A new job

Dearest readers,
I am just having my coffee and biscuits and look at the time. Oh My Goodness! I can not believe it! I have gone working class! Do you think I should say that? You can work but still be high society, can’t you? It is an attitude after all. It is not my fault if papa just left me money and not property. Fine, it was a great amount and I could have invested it but I was not into banking and economy those days and I had not met my lawyer Mr Pearson yet. I have always been into fashion and beauty, that is all. I did not think money could possibly go away so quickly, life is busy enough to have to worry about financial securities and these horrible things that, in a normal situation, a husband arranges for you. But that is the other problem of my life, no husband, no love, no money, no nothing. Just bills and more bills. The only thing which is mine is my title of Lady which opens some doors, not doors to money though but at Annabel’s and VIPs waiting areas in airports. Something at least.

My dear, I just want to warn you that if you see some spelling mistakes or something that does not make sense it is Miss Zebra’s fault, alright? What happens is that I have woken up at 7:45 because of this stupid alarm. Miraculously this morning I did not have trouble sleeping and I would have slept until 10 but work is calling Lady Tartan. So not used to having a job, you see. I am just lying on the couch with some cucumber on my eyes to help revitalise my face and Miss Zebra is typing what I am saying, so my apologies in advance.

How bad I did not see any of you last Saturday. I enjoyed my little get together with some good friends. Everyone had a nice time but I have to say the service and the food were not good at all. Having to wait 50 minutes to get a starter was rather annoying, but 50 minutes to get something you would not know how to start with was disturbing. I was enraged and decided to make a complaint but an unknown weakness flourished from me as I was talking (and checking at the same time) the rude and amazingly sexy Brazilian restaurant manager. Do you think this sudden attraction to a waiter may be a sign that I am becoming working class? I am not too sure now. Today my head is exploding. I have not assimilated the reality of my new working life yet. But at least I am finally working, because two weeks ago I got really scared when Svetlana from HR called me. Apparently they new editor in chief rescheduled my start day and they would let me know the following week. I feared that these people at the magazine had found out about my background and upbringing and had given the job to someone else. Wouldn’t that be discrimination? If so I was ready to sue them. Oh God! I was thinking of all the arrengements I had to do, first of all get Mr. Pearson ASAP and get ready to go to the tribunals. What a stressful life, this would mean more money to spend, more beauty treatments to attend and more designer dresses for the trial to wear. Damn! Why me and not Martha Stewart again, she was so used to all this! Finally nothing of these happened and now I am happily writing about everything beautiful for beautiful people. A beautiful job really.

My dear friends, I have to leave you now, the car is waiting for me outside. I just thought it would be better to get there in a black cab instead of a chauffeur driven Mercedes. I think I have to give up a little bit of sophistication these days and be simplistic, don’t you? That is why yesterday night I watched ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, to say goodbye to ostentation, no more diamond brooches and memorabilia in my life. Oh my friends, how sad is that? Perhaps I should at least keep my little topaz star brooche. Everyone can afford topaz nowadays, so it would be alright I guess. It belonged to my great grandmamma and it was given to her by the Russian Imperial Family when she hold a ball in honour of their visit to England before the First World War. I am thinking I could take all my diamond brooches and jewellery and organize an auction to get some money for my contagious diseases fundraising. What do you think my dear? And by the way, I think horrible Camilla is not interested on my charity thing so I thought because of one of my friends’ connections in the UNO and the American government, I could get Condoleezza Rice to help me a little bit. Everyone is talking about her and she has definitely something.

My readers, have a lovely day. I am going to be brave and strong in my first day thinking of my motto all the time: ‘Do not work hard for a living, work smart for a lifestyle’.