Fabulous Fashion Gifts

Inspiring and most beautiful, our selection of Fabulous Fashions are a referent for the fashion cognoscenti. Stylish and couture like, our iconic and vintage pieces complement our lifestyle collections becoming and important and essential part of them.

For those who love fashion with all their heart this is a place to keep looking to find unique and very special pieces. We have put together an eclectic mix of fabulous clothes, silk accessories, customized t shirts and wonderful shoes. Essential and exclusive designs, in one word, 'chic' for fashion victims. Because we purvey exclusive and unique things our stock is really limited, sometimes with only one piece available. So be always updated of our new arrivals.

A unique selection of essentials and little fashion accessories to give any outfit the final touch and make it stand apart from the rest. Browse our selection of stylish curiosities such as diamante broches, colourful feathers, appliques, buttons, bows, vintage custom jewellery, bangles and stunning hats, little evening handbags, leather accessories and pouches for glasses and blackberries and much, much more.

Who does not love vintage to add a wonderful touch of retro to any special outfit. Discover our vintage fashion bazaar and find beautiful little treasures, couture jackets and tailleurs, knitwear, 'rebeccas', evening gowns and eccentric and beautiful pieces. We love to get out and about to flea markets and look everywhere we possibly can for new and original vintage pieces. So it is always worth to have a look at our new arrivals.

This is our little extravagant section with a selection of superb pieces, beautiful designs and prohibitive prices. But that is more than justified. Our extravagant selection of iconic Gucci, Hermès, and Chanel handbags, vintage and pre-owned is something to dream of. We stock gorgeous Kelly and Birkin handbags in beautiful Clemence Taurillon, Togo and Varenia leathers and precious alligators and ostrichs in stunning and unique colours.

Like art, unique fashion pieces are difficult to source. We are always looking around, everywhere we possibly can to look for them. If you own beautiful pieces which you would like to sell or exchange, please contact us, we are always happy to look at them to make our collection even more fabulous.
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